Economic Meltdown: "Great Opportunity" to Fix Illegal Alien Crisis!

By John W. Lillpop

In their rush to dole out a trillion dollars to fund liberal pet projects in the name of stimulating the battered economy, the Democrat-controlled Congress and President Obama failed to address a major domestic crisis that threatens America's homeland security, social order, and cultural heritage, and which costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

The issue is the unchecked invasion of our sovereign land by scores of millions of illegal aliens, mostly from the failed state of Mexico.

Ironically, many of the concerns voiced by liberals could be mitigated, at least partially, by aggressively working to solve the illegal aliens mess.

Concerned about education and overcrowded class rooms?

Removing 12-38 million invaders would reduce class sizes dramatically, and improve the quality of instruction by weeding out illegals unable to keep up because of language and cultural barriers.

Concerned about overcrowded prisons and jails and the need to spend hundreds of billions to erect even more?

Approximately 30 percent of all inmates are illegal aliens, people who should not even be here to begin with.

Concerned about run away health care costs and the tens of millions whom are uninsured?

A disproportionate percentage of illegal aliens are uninsured and do not otherwise pay for their heath care, although they somehow manage to send approximately $30 billion a year back to Mexico. Medical services not paid for by illegals are dumped on the backs of Americans who belong here.

Concerned about violent crime, drugs, gangs and the general deterioration of the rule of law?

In addition to the crime of being in America unlawfully, illegal aliens exacerbate crime in this nation.

Concerned about the loss of jobs and reduced standard of living for working Americans?

Illegal aliens undercut American citizens by working for lower wages and without benefits. In effect, they steal jobs from real Americans.


President Obama has encouraged Americans to see that the horrendous economic meltdown also includes a "great opportunity" for the future.

Perhaps the president and his colleagues in the Democrat party should set the example by taking advantage of this unique opportunity to end, and reverse, illegal immigration, a crisis that plagues the nation's economic, social, cultural, and educational systems?

For instance, unemployed American citizens should be used to complete the border fence between America and Mexico, and be trained to work with law enforcement authorities to ferret out illegals for deportation.

That would put needy Americans to work on a rule of law issue vital to our sovereignty and homeland security, and would make jobs held by illegal aliens available to citizens.

With Democrats committed to spending trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to revive the economy, why not fix the illegal alien mess, once and for all, by building a viable border fence and by sending those who have no business being here back to their nations of origin?