Does “Prostidude” Have a Future in Nevada Politics?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

From the great state of Nevada, the birthplace and residence of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, comes a strange story about a young man who has officially become America’s first legal Gigolo.

As reported, in part, at apnews.myway.com, (1):


“A brothel in a Nevada desert town has hired the state's first male prostitute, a muscular college dropout who abandoned a brief stint as a porn actor in Los Angeles to become the only legal gigolo in the United States.

“The Shady Lady Ranch successfully won state and county approval to clear the way for the "prostidude," as Nevada's newest sex worker is already being called. After a slow first week on the job, his first appointments are scheduled for this weekend.
The male prostitute - known as "Markus" - has quickly become the center of attention in Nevada's brothel industry.

"Markus, 25, described himself as a well-read college dropout and former U.S. Marine from Alabama. He said he drove to Los Angeles to become a porn actor and left after filming two scenes, the first about a month ago. He said he ended up in a homeless shelter near Santa Monica, Calif., after being unable to find another job.”

Markus needs to know that if the gig in Beatty, Nevada does not pan out, there is another state-wide opening that might be a perfect match for his people skills.

That would be the seat in the U.S. Senate currently occupied by Democrat Harry Reid. Reid is up for election this November and is particularly vulnerable given his low approval rating and key role in Obama’s attempt to bull doze America into oblivion.

Asked if he has any interest in politics, Markus said, “I am the type of guy who needs to go home after a day at the office with a sense of pride about what I have accomplished. Being a US Senator requires immoral and corrupt behavior not consistent with my spiritual self and objectives. Besides, being a male prostitute is a nobler calling that pays more!”

Well said, Markus!

By the way, does the Shady Lady Ranch have any openings for a 70s-something Marxist who lives in Nevada and may need to find work in early November?