Isn’t It Rich? 364 Days On, America Comes Roaring Back!

By John W. Lillpop

Isn’t it rich?

Just 364 short days ago, the greatest nation in human history was turned over to an inexperienced Marxist whose political agenda was to dissect and destroy institutions long held near and dear to the American people.

Barack Obama was sufficiently naïve and narcissistic to actually believe that he could, and should, restructure American politics and culture to conform to his own peculiar far left radicalism.

His “vision” was to tear down America and her leaders at every opportunity, especially on foreign soil. He wanted the entire world to know that America was no better than any other nation, and that being a good “citizen of the world” was far more important than American preeminence.

He made a special point of rejecting the notion that America is a Christian nation, and did so on Muslim soil where anti-American terrorism is a chief export.

He decided that he knew best when it came to national security, and arrogantly set about to dismantle the safeguards installed by his Republican predecessor and which, incidentally, had kept America safe for nearly eight years.

He decided that funding liberal pet projects was more important than carrying out his fiduciary responsibility to the American people, all the while piling trillions upon trillions of dollars of debt onto the backs of unborn generations of American taxpayers.

He foolishly decided that he and the Democrat party had the moral right to ram a very flawed health care plan down the throats of the American people, even though 56 percent of the populace opposes the plan.

Now, just 364 days after Barack Obama was declared an omnipotent, all knowing, and infallible messiah by the leftist media, the great people of Massachusetts have declared other wise.

Isn’t it rich?