Time to Eliminate Czars and Handmaidens, Mr. President!

By John W. Lillpop

Scores of millions of Americans are fitfully waiting the unveiling of the new and improved President Obama, set to roll out at 9 tonight.

A word of caution, Mr. President: People are looking for real CHANGE this time, mostly to the wrong-headed policies and decisions that you have implemented over the past 12 months.

We hear that you will propose a spending “freeze” in order to address the huge deficit that you, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader have rung up.

With all due respect, sir, isn’t a freeze just too little, too late?

From a taxpayers’ perspective, it certainly seems that the Obama deficit has grown so unwieldy that only a legitimate slash and burn effort stands a chance at making a difference. Running in place should not be an option.

Only real CHANGE will do, sir.

When it comes to identifying unneeded bloat in government, you could make a decent start simply by looking around the White House itself.

For instance, why in Hades does a man with an IQ of 170 need 40 “czars” to keep track of doings in government? Better to slash the unneeded programs AND the czars. Do it now for the people!

And can you please explain to the American people, many of whom have lost their homes or are in the process of suffering that indignity, why the FLOTUS needs 30 or so hand maidens to tend to her personal needs?

Surely, there must be a less costly way to provide a family of four with luxury and comfort in the White House?

When it comes to wasteful spending, why not propose a freeze on all non-essential congressional travel? Like Speaker Pelosi’s million dollar extravaganza in which she loaded a few Air Force jets with leftist cheerleaders to watch you fail at the global warming farce in Copenhagen?

Why not force Pelosi to justify why she had to go to Copenhagen and why it was necessary for her to take most of San Francisco with her on a winter’s holiday-- at taxpayer expense?

Speaking of wasteful boondoggles, perhaps you and Michelle should pool your money with that of Oprah in order to pay the US Treasury back for the money spent to transport the three of you to Copenhagen in your failed attempt to have the 2016 Olympics staged in Chicago?

Even greater savings could be realized by using common sense in the handling of KSM and other brutal terrorists. Is it really necessary to spend $200 million a year just to try these renegades in New York City when a military tribunal is much more than they deserve?

Why not abandon your leftist agenda, sir, and “spread the wealth” back to the American people from whence it came?