Senator Scott Brown: Rewriting the Kennedy Legacy?

By John W. Lillpop

Just a few months ago, the United States Senate seated a clown and failed broadcaster named Al Franken to the most deliberative body in the world. They did so knowingly and with great fan fare, made all the more repulsive by grotesque public chortling.

That calamitous seating gave the Marxists in the White House and Congress that all-important 60th vote needed to wreak havoc on the US Constitution, the American economy, the unborn and the elderly, the federal deficit, the domestic automobile industry, the US military, the sacred institution of marriage, US foreign policy, homeland security, and all other things good and noble.

At the time of the Franken interloping, the White House was elated since the end of America, as we know it, seemed inevitable, perhaps even ordained by deity.

Indeed, it seemed as though we conservative folk had been abandoned by God and sentenced to suffer an earthly hell where decency and common sense were overwhelmed by liberal lunacy.

Doom and gloom prevailed as conservatives contemplated a nation where the insane thinking of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and Barack Obama would be codified into reams and reams of new, barbaric law.

Ugh! Was the operative term.

Looking back just a few short months, who would have thunk that the election to replace Ted Kennedy would provide an opportunity for the Republican Party to break the Obama Hex?

Who in his or her right mind would have bet even a single battered dollar on Republican chances to regain their filibuster muscle via an unknown conservative Republican named Scott Brown in the Massachusetts election on January 19?

Who would have even had the courage to pray for such an astounding reversal of fate? Even the most faithful would have found such a prayer a bit too much to ask of The Lord.

Yet here we are, just days away from that special election and Scott Brown is not only “in the race,” he is actually leading in some polls!

Of course it is way too early to celebrate anything.

Martha Kookley or whatever her damn name is can still win. This is after all, Massachusetts, moon bat capitol of the universe.

But if the improbable should come to pass next Tuesday, America’s experiment with radical Marxism will have ended!

What a fitting cap to the Kennedy legacy: Scott Brown and the end of the Obama Era!

And should that blessed event come to pass, we should all bow our heads in unison and repent for doubting The Lord for even one moment!