Still Think You Earned a B+, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

Getting out of bed on the first anniversary of his inauguration as America’s 44th president must have been particularly galling for President Obama this morning.

There was a political blood bath overnight in Massachusetts which, like it or night, was a referendum on Obama and his far-left policies. This was no vast right-wing conspiracy or the work of Nazis, Astroturf clowns, or right wing extremists.

This was the ultra-blue state of Massachusetts sending Obama an unmistakable message, loud and clear: The American people do not want nor need your brand of far-left radicalism.

Let us be clear: This is still America, a capitalist, free-market representative democracy. We intend to keep it that way!

You were hired, Mr. President, to steer the good ship America clear of hazards and some very hard times. No one expected you to replace the vessel of American life and culture with your own Marxist agenda.

Change with a small C, rather than CHANGE! was what most Americans envisioned. A course adjustment, rather than a radical turn left, was the only mandate approved by the people in November, 2008.

The big question on the morning after: Will this president and his liberal conspirators pay heed to the people’s message or will they defiantly buck prevailing currents in a futile attempt to rekindle the fires of Obamamania, long since extinguished in town hall meets and Tea Parties from coast-to-coast?

Of course, health care will be impacted, as will cap and trade and other foolish excesses on the Obama agenda.

But what about amnesty for 12-20 million invading criminals that Obama would like to add to the rolls of Democrat Party voters?

With America’s economy still in the doldrums and 15 million Americans out of work, just how eager will liberals be to advance an amnesty that would reward illegal aliens for breaking and entering into America?

Will the “Browning of Massachusetts” on Tuesday force liberals to see common sense on this issue?

If not, let me be the first to issue the following challenge: When it comes to granting amnesty to illegal aliens at the expense of American jobs, BRING IT ON, Mr. President!