Senator Scott Brown Would Be Tribute to Memory of Mary Jo Kopechne

By John W. Lillpop

Should the good people of Massachusetts act wisely and elect Republican Scott Brown to replace the late Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate, the immediate benefit would be to prevent the communization of our health care system and the inevitable devastation that ensues when government bureaucrats meddle in matters best left to people who know what the hell they are doing.

By voting NAY! to ObamaCare, Senator Brown would drive a dagger into the heart of yet another multi-trillion dollar mistake by the Obama administration and its Marxist allies in Congress.

Beyond the economic benefits, replacing Kennedy with a Republican would provide a fitting and sober tribute to the memory of Mary Jo Kopechne.

For those too young to remember, Mary Jo Kopechne was a 29-year-old whose precious young life was snuffed out on July 18, 1969 as a result of her decision to ride in an automobile driven by Ted Kennedy who, in a drunken stupor,drove the car off a bridge.

Notwithstanding his intoxicated state, the senator was able to abandon the sinking vehicle in order to save his own life. Young Mary Jo Kopechne was allowed to drown in what is known as the Chappaquiddick incident.

Ted Kennedy’s inherent indecency and lack of concern for others was amply demonstrated by the fact that he did not even bother to report the incident until the next morning.

Besides just surviving Chappaquiddick, Ted Kennedy managed to avoid serious legal ramifications and continued to be held in high esteem by Democrats as a dedicated warrior in the war to bring equality to women.

Liberals chose to ignore the innocent life of Mary Jo Kopechne in their fervor to make Ted Kennedy a champion of the "little" person.

Electing Scott Brown will obviously not bring Mary Jo Kopechne back to life. But it might help remind Americans that elitist liberals, at their core, do not give a whit about “little” people.

Elect Scott Brown, Massachusetts: Do it in memory of Mary Jo!