Why All the Progressive “Humbug” at Christmas?

By John W. Lillpop

Other than the fact that liberals generally dismiss Christmas as pagan nonsense about a virgin birthing a baby Jew who would save the world, how does one explain all the glum coming from progressives and their self-anointed Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama?

After all, The Anointed One used his miraculous powers to save tax cuts for the middle class, he extended unemployment benefits to those left without work as a result of 23 months of Obamanomics, and he reduced the withholding amount that Uncle Sam will be able to skim off the top of everyone’s pay check.

What’s not to be joyful and merry about, what with all those economic goodies crammed into Obama’s sleigh for the middle and lower classes?

Ah, yes, there is the one fly-in- the- ointment, the poison in the honey that will surely ruin the progressive merriment and joy.

That would be those god-awful, unfair tax cuts for the well-to-do, the bane of any leftist worth his or her weight in class warfare.

How dare Obama agree to a heathen policy which treats the wildly successful and small business people with the same mercy applied to everyone else?

How dare the president propose to treat the rich like all other Americans when the moment is ripe for government to take from the well-to-do and redistribute their treasure to the unwashed?

Actually, Obama’s breaking news announcement did precipitate a goodly bit of uncontrollable laughter, mostly gleaned from watching Ed Schultz go apoplectic with rage at the good deeds of his former hero, the now-dumb-as-mud, Barack Hussein Obama.
Rarely has live television provided such spontaneous and sustained hilarity as in the Ed Schultz Nervous Meltdown, broadcast immediately following Obama’s announced compromise/surrender.

Mr. Ed is sooooooooo typical of lefty moon bats that reek of envy and absolute hatred for anyone with the audacity to Succeed While Republican (SWR).

Although this reporter has nothing approaching credible proof, I sincerely believe that Schultz and many others of his ilk would joyfully allow tax cuts for 100 middle class families to expire, driving said families to foreclosure and bankruptcy at Christmas, in exchange for “soaking” just one rich family with a nasty tax hike.

Such is the small- minded evil that lurks in the tattered minds of liberals who would have the world believe that they are all about helping the underdog, the down trodden, and the disadvantaged, when the exact opposite is true.

For his part, Obama appeared to be deeply pained and angered by what he referred to as, “The right thing to do.”

Gee whiz, Mr. President, if it is best for the nation, why all the pain and anger? Why not more of the vaunted “non-partisan” spirit to cheer the hearts of all?

Oh, and one question, Mr. President: Why are you so incensed at the notion of adding $700 billion to the deficit by letting the well-to-do keep more of THEIR money, when you were so willing to waste close to a trillion dollars on a “stimulus” pig in a poke?

And how is it that that $700 billion will only add to the deficit, without producing commiserate economic growth and jobs?

Why not lighten up and remember, ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly!”