Message to Harry Reid: This War (Omnibus) Is Lost!

By John W. Lillpop

After wasting several precious days on an Omnibus bill numbering 1,924 pages, containing more than 6,000 earmarks, and spending $1.1. trillion dollars that we simply do not have, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finally emerged from his cocoon of arrogance and denial by pulling the plug on the funding monster from hell.

In so doing, Reid belatedly answered the question 'Can You Hear Us Now?’ as posed by voters on November 2.

The answer, in a nut shell:

“Yes. We have scuttled the Omnibus bill and with work with Republicans to craft a ‘Continuing Resolution’ to keep the government running until the 112th Congress takes over in January.”

In simple terms, the addled Democrat from Nevada ceded the high moral ground to Republicans by essentially saying, “This war (Omnibus) is Lost.”

Congratulations and kudos to Reid for finally acknowledging that the 111th Congress is all but dead, a fact cheered by most patriotic Americans.

Reid needs to put an emphatic lid on the 111th by declaring the Senate to be in recess once the CR is approved.

Forget DREAM, Don’t ask, Don’t tell, START, and all of the other foolish items on Reid’s anti-American agenda.

Finally, the Majority Leader of the Senate can deliver a most wonderful Christmas gift to the American people by shutting down the lame-duck quackery and getting the hell out of town!