Can Pall Mall Cigarettes Salvage Obama Presidency?

By John W. Lillpop

Tobacco is a powerful, insidiously evil, substance which addicts its victims both emotionally and physically; whereupon the heart and lungs are attacked until death frees the addicted from relentless pain and misery.

Unfortunately, quitting tobacco abruptly is an incredibly difficult challenge, especially for people of color, those sympathetic to Marxism, and, most particularly, to those born in Kenya.

Any combination of these conditions can render it damn near impossible to kick the smoke habit.

Efforts to quit abruptly without professional help often result in raw nerves, emotional outbursts, irrational language, and uncooperative, combative behavior.

Speaking of which, in a number of situations recently, President Obama has exhibited the sort of free-floating rage which is commonly the result of abrupt nicotine withdrawal.

Calling progressives “Sanctimonious Purists” and conservatives “Hostage Takers” as Obama did, is quite typical in one who is fighting himself and the urge to sneak a quick puff in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Having a job which demands that he act NOW on high unemployment, expiring tax cuts, revolutions by members of his own party, North Korea, Iran, elusive peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a double-dip recession, gays in the military, illegals everywhere, and other gut-wrenching issues of the day do not make it easy for Obama to cope without the soothing flow of poisonous smoke throughout his being.

However, all things considered, it might be best if Obama would abandon his selfish obsession with his lungs and heart and make the sacrifices needed to help all of America.

That means quitting the quitting, Mr. President. In other words, smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette!

Do it for the children, sir!