All I Want for Christmas Is---

By John W. Lillpop

My two front teeth are doing quite well, thank you.

What I really want for Christmas over the next 12 months:

*Decisive actions to subvert the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea;

*Federal spending cut by 25 percent excepting only national defense;

*Extension of ALL Bush tax cuts without Christmas -tree give aways to tax and spend Democrats;

*Full and complete implementation of Arizona law SB 1020;

*Indictment of the New York Times for violations of the Espionage Act with its foolish decision to publish the Wikileaks cables;

*Success to all other states in their efforts to pass laws similar to SB 1020;

*An apology-free year from the “sorriest” president in US history;

*Commitment by the government to secure our southern borders with force, if needed, and to deport every illegal alien;

*Repeal of ObamaCare and its death panels and devastating impact on the best health-care system in the world;

*Continued good health and blessings for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona;

*Permanent reassignment of Janet Napolitano to the place in North America furthest from any US border

*No new bail outs;

*Unemployment reduced to less than 8 percent as Obama promised when signing the stimulus bill in 2009;

*Energy and public demand for a Mitt Romney-John Bolton presidential
ticket in 2012;

*Enforcement of common-sense underwriting policies to keep those who are not qualified to own homes from securing risky loans that always end in the laps of tax payers;

Oh, and by the way Santa, I have been especially nice this year—so pony up with the goods, pal!