Estate Tax Row Exposes Marxist Hatred for Capitalism

By John W. Lillpop

Liberals, especially those in Nancy Pelosi’s House, are reportedly violently angry about President Obama’s “deal” with Republicans which sets the estate tax at 35% for estates valued at over $5 million dollars.

Moon bats wanted a 45% tax to kick in for estates valued over 3.5 million.

Liberals were so incensed by the proposed “break” for the dead that, for a while, it seemed as though this issue alone could doom the Obama-GOP deal altogether.

Cooler heads have since prevailed, and it now appears the House will pass the Senate approved bill which includes the less onerous tax on the dead. Just for the record, Pelosi ET AL. will waste valuable time conducting superfluous debates and votes with no chance of passing, just to showcase the “sanctimonious purism” that afflicts moon bat Democrats.

The amazing thing is that Pelosi and the left would play “chicken” with the health of the overall economy and jobs creation over how much of their already overly-taxed money the well-to-do can pass on to beneficiaries.

Someone with good sense needs to ask air heads like Pelosi: How many transactions are involved? How much money is at stake?

In addition, someone should challenge the constitutional right of a tyrannical mob (liberals) to steal money from the heirs of successful Americans.

If it is unconstitutional for government to mandate that citizens buy health insurance or face punishment at the hands of the IRS, surely it must be just as unconstitutional for government to deny our most successful citizens the right to pass on the legacy of success without paying a ridiculous tax to a government that will dole out stolen monies to illegal aliens, welfare cheats, and other unsavory types who do not have the talent or desire to work.

Taxing the dead must surely be the most egregious example of taxation without representation in U.S. history!