Of Sanctimonious Purists, Hostage Takers, and Obama “Cool” Gone Missing!

By John W. Lillpop

One of Barack Obama’s greatest strengths back in the day was his alleged “cool,” his uncanny ability to remain calm and detached, thereby giving his superior intellect full reign in problem solving.

Unfortunately, THAT was then, this is now!

Now, up to his mega-ears in dealing with an oversupply of domestic and foreign kerfuffels, many of his own making, the Obama “cool” seems to have gone missing.

That has been particularly obvious in recent days as Obama has been whipped mercilessly by both liberals and conservatives in the wars being waged to determine whose tax cuts will be sacrificed at the altar of deficit reduction and whose will be extended in order to create jobs and everlasting prosperity.

Still smarting from the revolt brewing among kindred spirits on the far left, Obama lashed out at “sanctimonious purists” who threatened to turn his “deal” with the GOP into mush.

He even went so far as to blame Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for failing to vote on the Bush tax cuts before the calamitous elections of November 2, a strategy that he reckons would have exposed Republicans as despicable advocates of the rich in contrast to Democrats who are all about giving to the poor and down trodden.

Not very well disguised was the clear implication that if Pelosi and Reid had only listened, there would be 70 or so more Democrats in the 112TH Congress come January.

If ONLY those sanctimonious purists has listened!

Having purged himself of the festering bitterness within as regards the left, Obama coolly turned to rascals on the right, those GOP “hostage takers” who were, according to Obama, anxious to extend tax cuts for the well-to-do while increasing taxes on the middle-class.

That dilly flies directly in the face of the fact that not one Republican is on record as supporting tax increases on middle-class Americans, or any class of American for that matter.

The ONLY call for higher taxes to date has come from Obama and purists on the left, those meddling Marxists who want to “soak” the well-to-do in order to make 15 million unemployed middle-class folks feel better.

In truth, Obama and his Marxist agenda are “hostages” only to the will of the American people as expressed so profoundly on November 2.

The fact that the vaunted Obama cool is included among the hostages is of no concern to those who want this nation’s problems addressed in a responsible and rational manner!