Of Nina Totenberg, Hate Speech, & National “Progressive” Radio

By John W. Lillpop

Nina Totenberg has always struck me a loosely-wrapped lefty, a moon bat poser more suited for work as, say, a telemarketing assistant for Dennis Kucinich, than as a journalist where, back in the olden days, objectivity was essential.

On an objectivity scale of 1-10, Totenberg scores a rousing 1, just slightly higher than the Bird Lady from Alcatraz and soon to be deposed Speaker, the forgettable Nancy Pelosi.

All of which makes Totenberg perfect for NPR which, because it has neither the talent nor business acumen to draw listeners, survives on welfare payments doled out by Democrat politicians.

Totenberg’s most recent offense came on “Inside Washington,” during which Totenberg committed a cardinal sin for any card-holding leftist.

Namely, she referred to “Christmas.”

As reported at huffingtonpost.com, Totenberg blathered on and on and on until she apparently lost track on her script and said the following, in part:

“And I was at - forgive the expression - a Christmas party at the Department of Justice and ….."

Nina Totenberg at a “Christmas Party”? Admitting such on a national broadcast?

Has she lost her addled mind?

Surely, Totenberg must realize that the NPR audience includes scores or even hundreds of Christians who would be highly-offended that an apology would be offered for using the expression Christmas, especially since the Christmas spirit is everywhere.

So, why is Totenberg still working at NPR? How is it that she has escaped the ax of PC that befell Juan Williams after his Islamaphobic rant?

One possibility: Totenberg's hate speech would be offensive only to Christians, an insignificant bunch of right-wing nuts in the minds of those who run NPR.

Another possibility: Totenberg is lily-white, while Williams is charcoal-black?