America in Grave Danger: Time to Shut Down Government Until January 5, 2011!

By John W. Lillpop

By dumping a $1.1 trillion Omnibus bill on the Senate in the final days of the 111th Congress, Harry Reid and fellow Marxists have shown utter and complete contempt for the American people and the results of the November 2 elections.

Omnibus is vile piece of proposed funding for government set forth in more than 1,900 pages, which no one has read because the monster was released just days ago.

Asking members to vote on legislation that Senators have not read and which, given the late hour, will not be able to debate, sounds eerily like the sort of reckless stupidity that caused the American people to trash nearly 70 Democrats just 40-something days ago!

To add insult to injury, Omnibus contains more than 6,000 ear marks, which come with a price tag of $8 billion—billable to taxpayers.

Hmmm. 40-something days ago, did not the people say “Read Our Lips—No More Earmarks!” ?

Just what part of NO! do Democrats not understand?

Even more distressing, Harry Reid plans to force action on the START treaty, DADT, the DREAM Act, and lord knows what other lame duck nonsense in the waning hours of 2010.

With the very economic and political health of our nation at stake, responsible Republicans have but one option in dealing with out-of-touch Marxists like Harry Reid.

Namely, the GOP must garner all of its significant power and guile and wage a battle royal to affect the immediate and complete shutdown of all government functions until January 5, 2011, when rational people will take over.

NOTHING currently being worked on, from the Obama tax cut “deal”, to the Omnibus travesty is nearly important as ending Harry Reid’s ability to inflict further harm on America.

Republicans need to filibuster, filibuster, and filibuster some more in order to cut-off Harry Reid’s manic spending and legislative idiocy.

Simply put, the GOP has a moral obligation to say, “F the Democrats!” where F means filibuster.

Please, Republicans of good will: Shut down this insane lame duck before it is too late!