Moving Beyond the Travesty Known as “Immigration Reform”

By John W. Lillpop

When Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, American sovereignty, the rule of law, and preservation of America’s rich cultural heritage, including the greatest language in human history, fell dangerously vulnerable to extinction given the unprecedented power ceded to anti-American liberals.

On that fateful afternoon, both the Executive and Legislative branches of government were simultaneously in the hands of radicals dedicated to destroying the traditional notion of what it means to be American.

At that fateful moment, advocates of open borders and amnesty for invading criminals seemed destined to prevail against the wishes of the majority of patriotic Americans.

A huge amnesty for 12-40 million invaders seemed all but inevitable.

Thank God that grave moment passed without a smidgen of success for amnesty. The blessings continued when even the foolish DREAM amnesty was squashed in the last days of the worst Congress ever; namely, the Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi travesty officially known as the 111th Congress.

Confirmation of the “worst congress ever” label came with the Tsunami of common sense ballots cast in November, when nearly 70 Democrats were sent packing.

Which means that when the 112th Congress convenes next week, both chambers of Congress will be less amenable to rewarding invading criminals with a path to citizenship, or anything even remotely similar.

This also means that the era of “Immigration Reform” is a failed, old school concept which deserves a decent burial to mark its long overdue death.

With even more carnage sure to further weed out the ranks of moon bats in the House and Senate come 2012, and the likelihood that Barack Obama will be facing a huge CHANGE of address himself, the time is ripe to begin work on the post-Immigration Reform Movement.

That means a dedicated effort by patriotic Americans to demand that the border with Mexico be sealed with military force, if need be, and that existing laws be enforced to the maximum.

Why NOT give rule of law a chance by:

( )Imposing severe financial and criminal penalties on business owners that hire invading criminals.

( )Rounding up and shipping out tens of millions of illegal aliens through mass deportations. The cost of such action would be paid for in one year, after that the nation would save ~$110 billion a year, or more than a trillion dollars over a decade.

Want to cut the deficit by more than a trillion dollars, upgrade homeland security, reduce classroom size, reduce the prison population by 30 percent, honor the rule of law, and preserve American culture, all in one fell swoop?

Then cut out the cancerous growth known as illegal immigration!

Take America back by ending the “Immigration Reform” travesty!