Behold a Miracle: Obama’s “Lesson Learned” on Taxes & Jobs!

By John W. Lillpop

In this, the season of glad tidings of great joy, nothing is sweeter to the ears of a die-in-the-wool capitalist than hearing our anti-capitalist, Marxist-smitten president literally beg for tax relief.

Yet, there he has been for more than a fortnight, groveling in the mud crying out for extension of the Bush tax cuts!

True enough, Obama’s initial, and genetic, impulse was to push for tax breaks only for the middle class, to be paid for by “soaking” the rich.

Soon enough, however, America’s wily Marxist realized that dumping America’s problems on the backs of the well-to-do was no solution, given the sense of fairness and zero tolerance for discrimination promoted by Congressional conservatives.

Out of necessity, then, Obama was forced to break bread with “hostage takers” who, in the proud tradition of terrorists hither and yonder, demanded equal treatment for those, who no fault of their own, are guilty of excessive success and ostentatious riches, bordering on plain filthy.

Viva, America!

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama’s conversion to capitalism is strictly perfunctory, based on his selfish desire to enhance his prospects for reelection in 2012.

Still, it is huge that this inexperienced community organizer has finally learned that higher taxes are anathema to economic growth and creation of jobs. And to reelection!

In arguing for his compromise with Republicans, Obama’s words, approximately, were:

“We must not allow higher taxes to interfere with our delicate recovery and job growth!”

Sweet words, indeed!