Is Barack Obama’s “Intellectual Stage” too High for Sarah Palin?

By John W. Lillpop

Republican presidents and vice presidents (and candidates)are repeatedly targeted by the leftist media which holds that conservatives like President Reagan, Vice-president Dan Quayle, President George W. Bush, and most recently, candidate Governor Palin, simply lack the intelligence and sophistication required for high office.

All have been described as intellectual light weights, while liberals like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi generally go unscathed.

The brutal truth is that liberals are simply not subjected to the non-stop, biased belittling that mainstream media sees fit to dump on Republicans holding high office, or seeking it.

For instance, Fox Contributor Juan Williams recently stated that Governor Palin is not able to stand on the same kind of “intellectual stage” as Barack Obama.

Intellectual stage, Mr. Williams?

It may be true that President Obama would score higher on a standard IQ test that Governor Palin, but Juan Williams does not know that.

Rather, Williams bases his assertion on the subjective notion that Obama sounds and acts more “presidential.”

Unfortunately, as the first two years of the Obama presidency have made abundantly clear, sounding “presidential” is simply not enough.

In difficult economic times, in times of war, and when the nation is struggling, leadership, judgment, and common sense are urgently needed.

Although President Obama can deliver eloquent speeches (when aided by high-technology gadgetry), he has been largely unable to perform effectively.

In sum: His policies and ideas have failed the American people, again and again.

All of which drives the question: Is genius overrated?

Assuming that Barack Obama possesses extraordinary intelligence while Sarah Palin is closer to ordinary, there appears to be a huge disconnect between IQ and actual performance.

For instance, would Sarah Palin:

Make closure of GITMO her first item of business after being sworn in?

Grant Miranda rights, civilian trials, and other privileges to enemy combatants—terrorists-- captured on the battle field?

Continually apologize for American policies and politicians while on foreign soil?

Dither in moments of great national significance such as the Afghanistan War and the Gulf Oil Spill?

Insult 275 million Americans by declaring that ours is not a Christian nation?

Sign a “stimulus bill” which added nearly one trillion dollars to the federal debt without providing jobs and economic recovery?

Orchestrate a Marxist take-over of U.S. health care despite the wishes of a majority of Americans?

Constantly assail private enterprise and business, thereby creating an environment of uncertainty and fear in the only institutions that create jobs and economic growth?

Refuse to secure U.S. borders and enforce immigration laws, and then sue a sovereign American state for taking action to defend its citizens from invading criminals?

Make vulnerable the dignity and esteem of the U.S. presidency by flying off to Glasgow in a failed attempt to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago?

In summary, President Obama may very well own an advantage when it comes to the “Intellectual Stage.”

However, in these troubled times, America desperately needs competent leadership and common sense. In those areas, Sarah Palin can more than hold her own against the failed presidency of Barack Obama.