Make English the Official Language of Planet Earth!

By John W. Lillpop

One of the most wonderful blessings about being born in America is that one is exposed to English, inarguably the greatest language in the history of human kind.

Think about: What thoughts come to mind when you ponder the word English?

William Shakespeare, modern civilization, freedom, individual liberty, intelligence, Democracy, prosperity, and success are but a few of the images conjured up in the minds of most people.

By contrast, what images come up when contemplating the word Spanish?

Instead of William Shakespeare, think Cesar Chavez!

Rather than modern civilization, it’s a third-world existence from 75 years ago.

Freedom and individual liberty are displaced by massive fraud and human rights abuses perpetrated by elitists like Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox.

Democracy becomes socialist dictatorships. Intelligence is supplanted by mediocrity and incompetence.

Prosperity is demoted to abject poverty, and success is replaced by a society that cannot feed, house, educate, or provide health care for its citizens.

Fact of the matter is that the world has no legitimate use for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese or any of the other machinations of language that haunt the planet with Babel and blather.

The ONLY language needed on this earth is good old fashioned American English.

English, and only English, can meet all of the world’s economic, social, political, environmental, and ecological needs quite nicely; adoption of it as the official world language would save the planet trillions of dollars currently wasted to communicate in less effective tongues.

Furthermore, requiring the exclusive use of English in diplomatic communications would greatly minimize misunderstandings and other language-based snafus that often lead to war.

English as THE OFFICIAL language of Earth: A concept whose time has arrived!