A Sight to Behold: Lame-Duck Turkeys Eating Crow!

By John W. Lillpop

What is the best, most poignant moment of 2010 for conservatives to celebrate?

How about this: Watching Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi working feverishly into the wee hours to extend the Bush tax cuts!

Oh, what a difference an election can make.

Until the evening of November 2, Democrats thought they held a winning hand. Far-left moon bats like Nancy Pelosi were salivating at the chance to raise taxes on the well-to-do, thereby ruining one of W.’s most critical legacy items.

How sweet it would be! A decisive, final thumping of that simple, semi-literate man from Crawford, Texas.

Then a funny thing happened: On election day, the American people hijacked Nancy Pelosi’s House and turned it over to the GOP, effective January 5, 2011.

Similar action was taken with respect to the U.S. Senate, although not nearly on the same scale as the brutal thrashing unloaded on Pelosi.

Still, because the 111th Congress does not end until January 4, 2011, Reid and Pelosi and could wreak plenty of damage as lame-duck malcontents. There was still time to defrock the Bush legacy!

Enter President Barack Obama who quite literally pulled the rug out from under Reid and Pelosi and made a deal with the GOP to extend all of the Bush tax cuts!

Naturally, Obama’s flip flop caused great consternation among the loony left.

In the end however, it was left to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to carry the Bush tax cuts over the goal line for a stunning, upset victory for conservatives.

Lame-Duck Turkeys Eating Crow: HOW SWEET IT IS!