Time to Boycott Fremont, Nebraska?

By John W. Lillpop

With a righteous wind at their backs, the good citizens of Fremont, Nebraska have united against illegal aliens, thereby inviting the scorn of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, U.S. President Barack Obama, the Catholic Church, Democrats everywhere, and the anti-American Civil Liberties Union (AACLU).

As reported at myway.com, 57 percent of the 25,000 residents of this small meat-packing town have stood up and screamed, “Enough, Is Enough!” to the devastating invasion of their city by penniless, illiterate, non-English speaking criminals, mostly from Mexico.

The new law will bar illegal aliens from renting in Fremont and will also obligate businesses to use the federal E-Verify database to ensure that employees are in the nation legally and eligible to work here.

Meanwhile, because he has all of America’s and most of the world’s problems in check and loads of spare time to waste when it is too dark or hot to golf, President Obama has decided to sue Arizona over SB-1070, the common sense ruling that authorizes law enforcement to verify the immigration status of those suspected of being here illegally.

Obama’s assault on American citizens and just plain common sense is joined by Hilda L. Solis, Obama’s dim-witted Department of Labor Secretary.

This leftist moon bat has stated that “you have a right” to fair wages even if you’re in the country illegally.

So, according to Solis, the fact that you have invaded America, violated our borders and laws, paid no taxes, and stolen public services to which you are not entitled matters not one whit.

The fact that you are a poor Hispanic without any English skills is all that matters, and that alone qualifies for a “right” to fair wages.

Actually, forcing employers to pay invaders union wages could be the best way to end illegal invasions. The ONLY thing that makes illegal aliens attractive to employers is their willingness to work for slave wages.

Take that from their resumes and it would surely be “Adios” to millions who steal jobs from American citizens!