Obama to Lecture General McChrystal About “Poor judgment, immaturity”? Ha!

By John W. Lillpop

Just about everything that President Obama does these days is hysterically maddening and loaded with arrogance, hypocrisy, rudeness, and just plain stupidity.

Like Obama’s feigned outrage over the fact that BP chief executive officer Tony Hayward went yachting while the Gulf of Mexico was still gushing crude oil. This criticism direct from the links where America’s failing president was golfing while the Gulf of Mexico was still gushing crude oil.

That criticism is a sure sign of immaturity wrapped in silliness. Hardly presidential—but that is true in general about Barack Obama.

Like his public harping of Congress about the need to cut the deficit and reduce spending while he continues to promote expensive new programs and signs every bill sent him by an out- of -control Congress.

That is poor judgement, again adorned with foolishness.

Like his constant passing of blame to former President George W. Bush for all issues and problems the nation is facing.

Refusing to accept reposnsibility for one’s own miserable failings is immaturity on a grand scale.

General McChrystal may indeed be guilty of immaturity and poor judgment, However, Barack Obama has failed to lead by example and is in no position to criticize anyone for his own behavior which is destroying this once great nation.