America's Urgent Need: Moratorium on Presidential Dithering!

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to President Obama, his “management style”
may be wonderful in an academic environment or when one is involved in pointing intellectual elitists in the right direction.

However, Mr. Obama is now Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful and successful nation in human history. 300 million Americans expect him to provide intelligent and effective leadership in resolving the critical issues of the day.

Perhaps Obama does not fully grasp this new role?

As a reminder, Mr. President, the White House, especially the Oval Office, is a “non-dithering zone.” As such, there is a zero tolerance for indecision, flip flopping, and political posturing when America is facing grave threats to our homeland security, world stature, sovereignty, and economy.

That being said, the president needs to CHANGE his attitude and agenda as follows:

Take ownership in resolving the Gulf oil disaster. Forget about blaming George W. Bush or BP—you are the president now. Act like it!

Take control over the outrageous spending that is leading America down the path to economic ruin similar to that which consumed Greece. Use your veto power to reign in Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other spend-happy liberals in their blatant disregard for our out-of-control federal deficit.

Take control over the war on terror! Start by calling it what it really is: A grueling war against Islam extremists. Stop pandering to the terrorists by proposing to close GITMO, treating terrorists like citizens, and other foolish acts meant to undo the measures that kept America safe for eight years after 9/11.

Win the damn war in Afghanistan! Forget about political posturing for the mid-terms and 2012. Do what is necessary to win that war as soon as possible.

Take control over unemployment and a relentless recession by ending your vicious and mindless war on business and capitalism. The American people did not elect you to remake our nation into a Marxist state!

Act now to boost economic growth by reducing taxes across the board, especially punitive taxes aimed at businesses who do what government can never do: Provide sustainable employment and prosperity for the American people!

Stop your incessant apologizing and trashing of America both at home and while on foreign soil! America is the greatest nation in history and the American people elected you to build, not destroy, our stature throughout the world.

Take control of America’s porous border with Mexico. Use whatever military force is needed to stop the invasion of our nation by penniless, unskilled, and non-English speaking aliens.

In these treacherous times, America cannot afford a president who dithers endlessly during a crisis.

Man up, Mr. President, and stop the insane dithering!