Arizona's Next Target: Anchor Babies!

John W. Lillpop

More good news from Arizona: Lawmakers there are working to end the scam of "anchor babies" in the Grand Canyon state.

Those lawmakers are exactly right is going after anchor babies because illegal aliens who scheme to have babies born in America just to avoid justice (through deportation) are among the most despicable criminals in our midst.

Only Democrat and RINO politicians are less honorable.

By callously manipulating infants for personal gain, illegal aliens clearly lack the moral values and judgment essential to being good Americans.

Moreover, the presence of anchor babies gives weak-minded knot heads who favor open borders and non-enforcement of immigration laws a lame excuse for doing nothing.

Again, infants are manipulated for political purposes by those who scream "We cannot split families," when arguing against deportation.

However, that argument is embarrassingly specious.

To begin with, illegal aliens willfully abandon family when they leave their nation of origin, usually Mexico, in order to invade America!

Apparently, "Family" is trumped by dinero when deciding whether or not to jump a fence to pursue the mother lode, AKA free public services, in America!

Secondly, deportation decisions cannot be based on whether or not the offending criminal has a family.

Consider a parallel: Illegal aliens are like bank robbers--they steal property belonging to others.

However, when an American citizen is found guilty of robbing a bank, does the presiding judge decide against prison because of concern about separating the criminal from family?

Of course not!

Criminals are criminals, and should be dealt with according to the law, especially when it comes to illegal aliens.

Third: Who says that the illegal alien family has to be split?

For illegal aliens with children under 18, it should be mandatory that the entire family be deported!

In fact, because they are the most burdensome to American taxpayers, deporting such families should be the greatest priority of our federal government.

In other words, Pancho, get the hell out and take your moochachoo brats with you!

Finally, instead of trying to rip-off the people with hideous programs like ObamaCare and higher taxes, Speaker Pelosi (God, that still sounds vile!) should work with other twinkies like Senator Harry Reid to close the anchor baby loophole with respect to children of illegal aliens.

But perhaps that is asking too much?

After all, folks like Pelosi see anchor babies as future Democrat voters!