Is Obama’s Detached Arrogance toward the Gulf Spill Based on Racism?

By John W. Lillpop

During and after hurricane Katrina ,moon bats on the left, inspired by the liberal-biased mainstream media, were relentless in denouncing President Bush and his administration for allegedly acting with insufficient urgency in dealing with the crisis.

Driven by their searing hatred for Bush originating with the 2000 election, the left made Katrina a personal vendetta against W., while essentially ignoring the miserable incompetence of Louisiana Governor Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Nagin, both, coincidentally, card-carrying Democrats.

More sinister cynics even used the race card in implying that FEMA, at the direction of W., deliberately dragged their feet because so many of the victims were poor, old black folks.

Night after night, the media would show videos of suffering blacks sloshing around muddy, vile waters where their homes used to be. The message: This is happening because W. hates black people!

This blatant ignorance and the hatred it proliferated against a sitting U.S. president will be remembered as one of the greatest forfeitures of objectivity and integrity in the history of American journalism.

To illustrate the absurdity of the un-American lynching of W. during the Katrina days, imagine the reaction that would ensue if conservative media were to suggest that President Obama’s tepid response to the Gulf oil spill was based on his inner hatred of all things Caucasian (especially British)?

After all, the offending enterprise is British Petroleum, comprised of mostly white males, is it not?

Would Obama have moved more decisively and with greater efficiency, if BP was run by a black CEO?

Would the president have acted before fifty days had lapsed if the victims of the oil spill had been poor old black folks, rather than white people who had their pretty beaches sullied, and white business owners driven into the abyss by gobs of crude muck?

The overall question might be: Is Obama’s detached arrogance toward the Gulf Spill based on racism?

Just asking.