Al Gore’s Divorce: So, Who’s the Lucky Woman?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Does anyone remember THE Kiss that Al Gore planted on Tipper back in 2000?

Although I am not a relationship specialist by training, I knew instinctively back then that the Al-Tipper marriage was on the rocks, and would not last.

It was obvious to me that any man who would embrace and kiss his spouse with such emotion after 30 years of marriage was either 1) Faking passion just for votes, or, 2) Was in the advanced stages of male menopause and mid-life crisis.

As it turns out, the truth was 3) Both 1 and 2!

If someone had said that a powerful Democrat and his spouse from the year 2000 had separated, how many would have immediately assumed that the Hildabeast had dropped 250 pounds of ugly fat by giving the heave ho to Slick Willie?

Instead, it was the picture-perfect, marriage-made- in- heaven couple of Al and Tipper that came to a fork it the road and decided to take it!

Now the Gores will have to do battle over the mass fortune accumulated as a result of Al’s global warming snake-oil sales.

Who gets the 20,000 square-foot, eight-bathroom mansion in Nashville?

Do they split the Oscar and Nobel Peace Prizes, one tainted award each?

Will Tipper write the obligatory, tell-all book, titled, “An Inconvenient Truth: Being Married to a Fat-Ass Bore Named Al Gore for 40 Years Sucks!” ?

Perhaps Tipper should be nominated for a Nobel Prize for putting up with Al’s sorry tush for 40 years?