Lakers 83, Celtics 79: Now THAT Is Real Sports Action!

By John W. Lillpop

On an otherwise dreary day in the world of sports, the Los Angeles Lakers nipped the Boston Celtics by a score of 83-79 to claim the NBA basketball title for the second year in a row.

Fans all over the world were treated to 60 action-packed minutes of in-your-face, rough and tumble basketball at it’s best, where the athletes actually scored—and isn’t that the objective of all sports?

Prancing up and down a grassy field without actually scoring a goal is sort of like kissing your spinster aunt: Why bother?

A grand total of 162 points were scored as the east versus west drama gave fans plenty to cheer about, made all the more exciting as the outcome of the game remained uncertain until the last 7.5 seconds.

Meanwhile for those who consider scoring of any sort to be a distraction, World Cup soccer provided another exhilarating day of zeros and near zeros!

Serbia stunned Germany 1-0.

Mexico upset France 2-0.

As Joe Biden might say, “BFD!”

Other bits and pieces about the basketball championship:

Although Los Angeles and Boston fans are insanely fanatical about their teams, no one was trampled to death as a result of riots in Boston or Los Angeles. No government was taken over by a military coup because the home team lost.

And best of all, Los Angeles was not burdened with tens of thousands of drunken “vuvuzela” players making life miserable for spectators, players, the press, and all other living organisms within 100 miles.

Loud, screaming fans, yes. Vuvuzelas, no!

Still, there may be a way to salvage soccer by making it more interesting and provocative.

For example, I might be tempted to tune in to watch North Korea and South Korea do battle. Same with a match between Iran and Israel!

But Mexico and France? Or Serbia and Germany?

Don't be silly!