Liberal Reforms Good for America? Don’t Be Silly!

By John W. Lillpop

When America faces a major crisis, President Obama and Marxist goons in the U.S. Congress always make matters worse with foolish liberal proposals.

For example, with respect to the Gulf oil spill, liberals, operating under the motto of “never waste the fruits of a national crisis,” are screaming for higher, punitive taxes on BP and the oil industry.

Good grief, higher taxes will NOT stop the oil from leaking, but it will significantly hinder efforts by BP and others to develop the technology and knowledge needed to prevent future leaks.

Liberals like Obama need to accept the truth: Oil is the mother’s milk of America’s economy. Rather than working to destroy exploitation of this vital natural resource, it is time to sober up and work to make oil a safe and economical energy source.

Again, oil is here to stay!

Another example is illegal immigration.

America has been invaded by 12-40 million illegal aliens who cost American taxpayers hundreds of billion of dollars a year. Most refuse to assimilate into American culture, preferring instead to retain their foreign language and allegiance to foreign nations of origin.

The logical solution to this assault on American citizens is two-fold:

* Secure the borders with as much military force as needed to keep invaders out, and

* Round up the millions here and deport them to Mexico or other nation of origin.

However, instead of enforcing the law and protecting citizens from foreign invaders, President Obama ignores border security and wants to fix the problem by simply making the 12-40 million illegal aliens legal, through some hair-brained amnesty scam.

That “Obama Fix” would invite another 12-40 million Mexican malcontents to head north with visions of free housing, free health care, free education, and free everything driving them.

Why worry about borders or immigration laws, amigo? Just go and Obama will cover for you!

Then there is terrorism. The President’s agenda for dealing with Islamic extremists is to:

* Never refer to the war on terror as having anything to do with Muslims; and

* Close GITMO and treat the murderous thugs detained there with the rights and dignity afforded American citizens. Give them their Miranda rights, trials by civilian juries in New York City, blah, blah, blah.

This “play nice” horse manure is supposed to change the hearts and minds of terrorists willing to blow themselves to smithereens in order to bring hell to the Great Satin, America the Evil?


On and on it goes. Every policy “Change” proposed by Obama and the toads of the left leaves America more vulnerable and less able to defend us the people.

Liberal reforms: Good for America! Don’t be silly!