What President Obama Needs to Know About Being an American

By John W. Lillpop

After nearly fourteen months in office, President Obama continues to demonstrate that he does not fully appreciate what it means to be an American.

In fact, his words and deeds reflect a disturbing lack of respect, if not outright contempt, for the basic values, culture, and history that make up this great nation.

The president would do well to educate himself about the following fundamental truths:

* America’s Founding Fathers received divine inspiration in creating the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. The notion that the US Constitution is a “living” document is heresy.

* Our values, laws and culture reflect our Judeo-Christian roots. America is a Christian nation.

* America is not perfect. However, apologizing for American policies and leaders while on foreign soil is unacceptable.

* Americans are passionately proud of our cultural heritage, including self-governance under the rule of law, the English language, free market capitalism, and traditional family values.

* We profoundly disagree with the notion that America is no better than any other nation. America is home to the greatest society in human history---that is no coincidence.

* Government is antithetical to creativity and stifles free expression of the human spirit. Government programs never have, and never will, create jobs, prosperity or happiness.

* Rebelling against government expansion is a basic responsibility of all freedom-loving patriots and is what the first amendment is all about.

* Using government to “spread the wealth” by seizing wealth from one man in order to enrich another is the immoral equivalent of slavery.

* The U.S. Constitution guarantees equal opportunity to all. It does not guarantee a right to health care, a college education, home ownership or any other material advantage.

* Americans abhor being “talked down to”, regardless of how bright or clean and articulate the talker might be.

* Immigrants who come here legally are welcomed with open arms. Those who come illegally are invading criminals and not at all welcome.

* The role of education should be to teach mathematics, language, business and other basics. Using education to indoctrinate youth to liberal ideology is an abuse of power.

* The rights, feelings, and views of heterosexuals should be respected and honored when issues such as gays in the military and gay marriage are considered.

* Americans are naturally skeptical and suspicious of politicians. This is a good thing.

* Change which expands government by infringing on the rights and freedoms of individuals is dangerous and wrong.

The big question: How did a man with values so outside mainstream America win the US Presidency?

The answer: A complicit and biased liberal media!