This Is Hardball: Time to Use the "Bunning" Tactic!

By John W. Lillpop

In passing their wretched health care reform disaster, Democrats, including President Obama, used every dirty trick at their disposal to maneuver around legitimate concerns over the probity and Constitutionality of the bill.

Unable to pass ObamaCare on its own merits, party leaders scuttled Senate rules on the filibuster, resorted to “reconciliation” chicanery, floated the ill-conceived “deem and pass” scheme and the Slaughter option in Nancy Pelosi’s House of ill repute, ignored the will of the majority of Americans, and generally behaved as though there was no Constitution or rule of law to which they were accountable.

Rarely, if ever, have elected representatives been as hostile to the rule of law and to the very people from whom their power emanates. It was though the very idea of government “by and for the people” was declared null and void by empty-headed Progressives more concerned with the Obama legacy than with the future of our great nation and its 300 million residents.

To their eternal glory, Republicans in Congress remained true to their sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Not one Republican voted for Obama’s hideous assault on the American way of life.

Now ObamaCare has been signed into law, although legal challenges are mounting in several states. One hopes and prays that the Supreme Court ultimately finds that ObamaCare is an abuse of power, and otherwise unlawful, and that the Court strikes it down before any further damage can be inflicted.

Meanwhile, emboldened by the illusion of his "major victory,” President Obama added to the brutal partisan divide in Washington by filling 15 key administrative positions via recess appointment (1).

Clearly, this president is obsessed with “gangsta” politics and winning at all costs. All bets are off and all of the niceties and polite manners of the past have been trashed by this egotistical and arrogant man.

As of now, the Republican Party is all that stands between the American people and the complete and utter devastation of the precious freedom and liberties that our democratic republic has delivered for 234 years.

It is time for Republicans to start playing “hard ball.”

There is no other option; Barack Obama must not be allowed to continue his attack on the American way of life.

Since playing hard ball must be the new mandate for Republicans, why not follow the lead set by Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning, now a Republican Senator from Kentucky?

Senator Bunning set the standard for defiance of Obama earlier in the month when he repeatedly delayed Senate confirmation of Obama nominees. (2)

At the time, Bunning’s action caused considerable consternation even among his fellow Republicans.

However, that was before the Democrats ripped the Constitution and rule of law to shreds in order feed the humungous ego of Barack Obama.

Time for hardball, Republicans!

Why not hold up all of Obama’s nominations until the abomination called ObamaCare is rescinded and consigned to the trash bin?

Remember, desperate times call for desperate measures, as least according to Democrats.

Let’s derail the Obama manic- express by employing the Bunning strategy as soon as possible.

(2) http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6295FA20100310?type=politicsNews?feedType=RSS