Vat about Their “Miranda Rights,” Vladimir?

By John W. Lillpop

Pity the uninformed suicide bomber who naively assumed that
the idiotic pampering of Islamofascists so common in Barack Obama’s wuss-infected America would also apply in Russia.

As reported at Yahoonews.com, (1) in part, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin showed little stomach for the “kinder, gentler” nonsense so typical of the “Progressive” approach to Islamofascists in America:

“MOSCOW – Vladimir Putin vowed Tuesday to "drag out of the sewer" the masterminds of the twin suicide bombing of the Moscow subway system that killed 39 people and left scores wounded.

“The powerful prime minister spoke as Russia mourned the dead from Monday's attacks; teary passengers lit candles and left carnations at both of the central stations that were hit.

“The blasts shocked a country that had grown accustomed to such violence being confined to a restive southern corner — and marked the return of terrorism to the everyday lives of Muscovites after a six-year break.”

But what about their “Miranda Rights,” Vladimir?

Must be careful not to offend any delicate Muslim sensitivity while dragging murdering Jihadists out of those sewers!

By all means, do not forget to have Muslim clerics, copies of the Koran, and an abundant supply of special food and prayer blankets on hand for the incarcerated suicide whackos!

Above all else, Vladimir, assure all of the Religion of Peace cretins that they have the right to trial by a civilian jury.

Of course there is a huge ideological difference between Putin and Obama when it comes to dealing with terrorists.

Putin is merely a despicable atheist, one who does not believe in God at all.

Obama, on the other hand, is the far more dangerous character based on his addiction to Islam!