March 31 in California: State-Sanctioned Holiday Based on Racism!

By John Lillpop

According to specious liberal logic, people of color are, by definition, incapable of being racists. In truth, however, racism is evident in all racial and ethnic groups.

Racism is just as wrong and un-American when practiced by people of color as it is when practiced by whites. When people of color attempt to elevate their group above that of others based solely on race, they are engaged in racism.

Example: California celebrates March 31 as a state holiday to commemorate the birth and life of Cesar Chavez.

For those unfamiliar with the name, the late Cesar Chavez was a world famous union organizer and grape picker who picked his way to fame in California.

Most importantly, to some, Chavez was Hispanic.

In effect, then, March 31 is a state-sanctioned holiday based solely on the race of Cesar Chavez, and the importance of his life to Hispanics.

That is divisive and racist! And wrong!

Another example: Several years ago, Blanca Alvarado, local politician in Santa Clara County, thought that it made perfect sense to abandon Columbus Day just to make room for celebrating the life of the same Cesar Chavez!

Clearly, Alvarado's proposal was based on her racist desire to supplant an all-American holiday with a day that would elevate a fellow Hispanic.

That is also divisive and racist. It is also wrong!

Alvarado's assault on Italians and American history was aided and abetted by a comment from fellow nit wit supervisor Liz Kniss who said:

"On this particular coast, it (Columbus Day) doesn't seem to have great relevance."

Metroactive: http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/01.16.03/public-eye-0303.html

With all due respect to Alvarado and Kniss, the birthday of Cesar Chavez does not have relevance to most Americans. That is true for Americans on BOTH coasts!

Despite the likes of Blanca Alvarado and Liz Kniss, Columbus Day is still celebrated in most of America on the second Monday in October of each year. The post office, banks, and other government offices are mostly closed to honor Christopher Columbus.

For Hispanics like Blanca Alvarado and others who regard Columbus Day with an attitude of sour grapes, there is some good news:

Most vineyards are OPEN on the second Monday of October, and the grapes are ripe for picking or stomping, depending on one's progress in anger management!

For real Americans, March 31 is celebrated as Dr. Michael Savage day in honor of this great son of an immigrant whose parents came to America legally, who speaks perfect English, and who has attained high levels of education and fame based on his own intelligence, initiative and hard work!

On March 31, celebrate the birth and life of a truly great American, Dr. Michael Savage!!