Barack Obama’s Calming Influence at the Oscars

By John W. Lillpop

Watching the Academy Awards this year was more memorable for what was not said than what was.

In recent years, this special night from Tinsel Town has become a veritable launching pad for deranged leftists to vent their anger, despair, and misguided hysteria, aimed nostly at George W. Bush, with Dick Cheney running a close second.

In fact, it has become fashionable at recent Academy Awards to interrupt the anti-Bush and anti-Cheney tirades only long enough to sneak in an occasional Oscar presentation to this actor, that director, this producer, and so on,

Time was recognized as a precious commodity at the Kodak Theater, so actual Academy Awards business was rushed through at a frantic pace in order to return to the higher purpose for the gathering of elitist stars: The systematic and ruthless trashing of all Republicans, especially those named Bush and Cheney.

In what can only be explained as a minor miracle from on high, the 2010 Academy Awards were mostly about actors, actresses, musical scores, producers, directors and all of the nuts and bolts paraphernalia that makes Hollywood sparkle with excitement and glamour.

It was as though America’s unemployment numbers were tiny, rather than 9.7-16 percent.

Not knowing otherwise, one could have surmised that our nation is living in peace, rather than being in the midst of a significant troop surge in Afghanistan, besides still being ensnarled in Iraq.

There was no flaming rhetoric in which America was blamed for all of the world’s problems. No impassioned pleas to abandon excessive Americanism in favor of being a responsible global citizen.

So, what changed?

Has the Barack Obama experiment ushered in universal prosperity, an end to GITMO, a declining federal deficit, and an era of unprecedented bipartisanship and cooperation to the fore?

Don’t be silly! Things have only gotten worse under the undocumented Marxist now occupying the Oval Office.

But Barack Obama has one huge advantage: Namely, he is not George W. Bush, nor is he conservative, nor is he an American patriot.

And that makes this president a perfect match for the nut ball crowd in Hollywood!

Not-So-Precious Metal: Gore’s Oscar & Obama’s Nobel

Meanwhile, a new controversy is erupting all across the WWW.

Namely, the big question of the day is: Which is the more worthless piece of non-precious metal, Al Gore’s fraudulent Oscar or Obama’s nauseating Nobel peace prize?

And the winner is: A draw.

Both awards were ill advised travesties issued by dim wits to even dimmer bulbs who actually thought they deserved to be honored!

Battle of the Heavy-Weight Titans:

The next most important burning issue from the Red Carpet: Who was the more grotesquely obese at this year’s gala? Would that be Babs Streisand or Oprah?