Health Care Reform: Another Obama Failure in the Offing?

By John W. Lillpop

Above all of the din, chatter, and self-congratulations heaped upon liberals by other liberals and the mainstream media for ObamaCare, there looms a brutal truth:

Nothing, repeat nothing, in which President Obama has been involved, has actually worked.

After all, getting 219 Marxists in the U.S. House and 51 in the U.S. Senate to vote in favor of displacing private enterprise in favor of government run medicine is hardly a notable achievement.

Bringing 30 million uninsured into the ranks of the insured while lowering health care costs, reducing the deficit, and maintaining quality health care would be a remarkable achievement.

Except for the fact that there is nothing in this president’s resume to suggest that anything but failure is likely.

Consider please:

When President Obama signed that trillion-dollar “stimulus” into law last February, he promised that the bill would create or save 3.5 to 4 million jobs. Thirteen months later, unemployment hovers near ten percent and liberals now want to throw even more billions at the problem.

Will ObamaCare work out like the president’s misguided and expensive “stimulus” failure?

There is more.

One of Obama’s first acts after taking office was to announce that GITMO would be closed and that KSM and other terrorists would face civilian, rather than military, trials. Thirteen months later, Obama been forced to retreat from that ill-conceived foolishness which was designed with little or no regard for homeland security.

Will the effect of ObamaCare be as damaging to the U.S. economy and health care system as was his foolish pandering to left wing extremists in the matter of GITMO and homeland security?

And so it is with issue after issue. From the Israel-Palestinian conflict, to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, to the global warming fiasco, to the exploding federal deficit, to violence at our borders with Mexico, to the ever worsening home market, to cash-for-clunkers, and on and on. .

Barack Obama has nothing but repeated failures in his resume as president. He is not qualified to be President of the United States, regardless of where he was actually born.

Why should health care reform be different?

On top of everything else, the Social Security System is now in a negative cash flow situation. Another Utopian solution from the loony left lies in ruins.

Barack Obama and his warped sense of change will ultimately fail for one simple reason: His ideas are based on false assumptions and flawed logic.

Health care reform will surely go down in flames as will the Marxist regime now occupying the White House and Congress.

The $60,000 question: Can America avoid total collapse while the Obama machine destroys itself?