The Unhealthy Addictions of Barack Obama

By John W. Lillpop

Those who voted for Barack Obama cannot claim that they were not forewarned. In his own words, The One wrote of skirmishes with illegal drugs during his misspent youth.

It’s all there in The Audacity of Hope. Clearly, this is a man of substance..illegal no-nos, that is.

Movie buffs like me are eagerly waiting for Oliver Stone to produce the film version, which should aptly be titled the Joy of Dope, with Robert Downey Jr. as the lead character, in black face of course.

Seriously, all of that drugs and addictions stuff was supposedly in Obama’s past, long since eradicated by The One’s wicked regime of self-discipline and fierce determination.

Despite his past, with a major assist from the mainstream media and other leftist institutions and $750 million dollars in the bank, Barack Obama managed to recast his image for the 2008 elections.

Just in time, he became as clean a a whistle, the ideal role model for children all over the world to emulate.

Unfortunately, since moving into the White House, Obama’s unblemished record has become blemished with an awful admission: The man who would CHANGE everything in the entire universe is unable to kick his habitual use of tobacco.

Scores of millions of Americans, including moi, have managed to quit smoking, despite the best efforts of the evil tobacco companies and advertisers. It was not easy or fun, but it can be done.

So just how is it that the most powerful man in the world, the one who goes to sleep with the nuclear codes under his pillow each night, can not muster the will power and intestinal fortitude to kick a vulgar habit that will ruin his health and set an awful example for his daughters?

Of course Obama tries to dismiss the effects of his smoking on his daughters by claiming that he never smokes in front of them.

Now there is a terrific “teaching opportunity”—engage in brutal self-destructive behavior, but do it in private and it is OK!

Thanks for that, Mr. President!

And now we learn that White House physicians have urged The One to practice moderation when it comes to imbibing spirits.

Moderation? Surely you jest, docs! This president is many things to many people, but being a moderate in anything is not in the top 10,000!

Now that Obama’s unhealthy vulnerability to addictions has been exposed, one is compelled to examine other aspects of his being for signs of additional compulsive-obsessive behavior.

For instance, it seems obvious that President Obama is addicted to compulsive over spending. Who can argue that point when one considers that this man is ringing up the national debt quicker and more dramatically than any previous president in our history?

Moreover, President Obama is clearly addicted to power and the tendency to abuse that power.

Consider Obama’s head strong denial of the will of the people when it comes to health care. His gobbling up of private enterprise, his dangerous compulsion to steal from the rich to give to the poor, his 40-czar empire, deliberately crafted to be exempt from oversight by the US Congress.

In twelve-step recovery lingo, Barack Obama is a control freak.

His only hope for recovery is to admit that he is powerless!

However, if President Obama refuses to do that and continues to act out in the same manner as during his first 14 months in office, the American people will stage one huge intervention this November.

That intervention will surely leave The One powerless, both spiritually and politically!