“Tanning Tax” Rooted in Racism!

By John W. Lillpop

Anyone who has given the matter serious thought has concluded that ObamaCare is Marxist pap; an ill-conceived 2,100 pages of unconstitutional drivel better suited for the bottom of bird cages and bed pans than codified into law as part of an allegedly advanced civilization.

In addition to its legal, political, and medical shortcomings, ObamaCare actually promotes racism on a scale not seen since the dark, dark days of Jim Crow.

Specifically, the “Tanning tax” is a racist scheme meant to scald millions of weak-minded women who live their lives obsessed with artificially altering their skin pigmentation for reasons not fully understood by those who dabble in abnormal psychology.

Without exception, such women are Caucasian. bone-idle air heads; all are cursed with a surplus of time and money on their hands.

Think about it: How many African-American or Hispanic women while away the hours (and the family fortune) strapped to a tanning bench in a desperate attempt to look even darker than nature decreed?

Damn few is the second best answer; zero is the correct one.

Architects of the “Tanning Tax” were fully aware that people of color would never be burdened by this levy, and that its sting would be felt only by Caucasian women.

This means that white women were singled-out for taxation solely because of race and the insane liberal compulsion to use the tax code unfairly and with malice.

As a result, ObamaCare must be repealed; if for no reason other than to get government off the backs of innocent divas who are being victimized by this wretched injustice!