“Reconcile,” as Defined by Progressives

By John W. Lillpop

A popular on-line dictionary defines the word reconcile thusly:

“To bring into agreement or harmony; make compatible or consistent: to reconcile differing statements; to reconcile accounts”

Harmony, agreement, compatible, and consistent? Really?

Honestly now, how often did those terms come to mind during the “reconciliation” process that Progressives used to pass health care reform?

In fact, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democracy wrecking crew did their level best to avoid reconciliation with any position that was outside the Marxist ideal.

Mind you, diversity is still the Holy Grail of Liberalism, except for health care which was so urgent that only the narrowest of Marxist definitions was permitted.

Reconcile, when used by Progressives, is the formal process of legislative manipulation designed to achieve a controversial objective despite widespread opposition among the governed, when the issue at hand is of such gravity as to render the principles of rule of law and democratic governance necessarily subservient to the immediate wishes of the elitist governing class, so-called Progressives.

To reconcile according to the Progressive definition, means to cajole, bribe, deceive, obstruct, dismember, attack, slaughter, lie, misrepresent, deny, extort, slander, obscure, hide, execute, mischaracterize, sabotage, and any and all other acts of sleight-of-hand chicanery and tom foolery as may be needed to achieve one’s Marxist objective and to make said accomplishment appear to be the will of the people.

Antonyms include open, honest government, integrity, rule of law, Constitutional, fair, decent, democratic, representative, equality, and American.

An excellent example would be the process of “reconciling” one’s bank statement. Under normal circumstances, one would compare all of the entries recorded in one’s private records to those generated by the banking institution.

Differences are reconciled, which means to determine the reasons for those differences and to make or request that correcting entries be made to either one’s private records of those of the bank in order to achieve harmony and balance.

However, were one to use the Obama-Pelosi-Reid formula for reconciliation, the first step would be to select the desired account balance, irrespective of the actual sum. Incidentally, the desired balance will always be greater than the actual.

Next, one would pretend that the bank records were in error and irrelevant. Need an extra $15,000.to meet your obligations this month?

No problem, if you are a Progressive. Simply pretend that the bank records are wrong and continue to write checks as if that extra $15,000 were in your account. And pretend that the bank agrees with your numbers!

What happens when the checks start to bounce because of your “creative” bookkeeping?

Again, no problem. Simply blame the bank for failure to properly fund your account and apply for a government backed bailout.

ObamaCare: The undoing of civilized reconciliation as we know it.