Can Slapstick Comedy Save America?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

When former comic and bankrupt talk-show host Al Franken was manacled to the U.S. Senate last year, political scholars feared that the most deliberative body in the world would be transformed into a haven for sick jokes and bizarre acting out.

The quiet dignity and reserved demeanor associated with the esteemed title, “US Senator” was, according to pundits, threatened by the unseemly image of Bozo the Clown as protector of the US Constitution, and 300 million or so Americans in the peanut galleries from coast to coast.

As it turns out, Bozo the Clown would be a major upgrade from the cast of characters making news headlines in Washington these days.

Consider these inspiring examples from the kooky, kinky world of progressive mania in Washington:

* While nude, Presidential Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel trolls for votes in the showers of the US Congress;

* Emanuel’s “get out the vote” effort includes a naked man-to-man bout with Rep. Eric Massa, a Democrat accused of groping male staff members;

* Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi urges queasy Democrats to pass ObamaCare, quickly, so that “We can find out what’s in it.”
(And the liberal media considers Sarah Palin an unqualified air head?)

Side shows include the de-gaveling of tax guru Charles Rangel, the public castration of Attorney General Erick Holder for following Obama’s foolish demand for civilian trials of terrorists, and the always popular juggling act performed by VP Joe Biden to enhance the public perception of Special Olympics children.

All of these shenanigans would be hilarious were it not for the fact that progressive policies are so very dangerous and detrimental to the future of America!