CommieCare, Courtesy of Red Devils in Washington, D.C.

By John W. Lillpop

As expected, mainstream media are hailing passage of Obama’s health care obsession as “historic” and a “major victory” for the illegal alien from Kenya.

Some even go so far as to suggest that the bribery, corruption, lying, numbers manipulations, broken campaign promises, secrecy, violations of the U.S. Constitution, and anti-democratic gyrations needed to pass CommieCare signals the resurrection of the Fallen Messiah, a restoration of unbridled power to The One and those leftist demons who support his pernicious assault on American liberty and freedom.

Contrary to the prevailing media babble, the only thing really historic about Obama is the fact that this naïve community organizer damn near tripped over majorities in both chambers of Congress with his own inept leadership and wrong headed excesses.

Indeed, given the number of like-minded Marxists in the U.S. House and Senate, passing health care reform should have been a walk in the park, rather than nine-months of grueling experimentations in corruption and banana republic politics.

Barack Obama entered the fray with a public approval rating in the 60s. With his unprecedented mishandling of not just health care, but terrorism, foreign relations, the economy, jobs, and the federal deficit, this pompous and misguided elitist is now upside down in the approval ratings game.

To wit, more people now disapprove, than approve, of Barack Obama’s performance!

Where is “major victory” in that? And just how in Hades is CommieCare going to help, rather than further erode, Obama in the eyes of a bitterly disenchanted electorate?

In what can only be described as grotesque chortling, smug Marxists are savoring their press clippings this morning confident that they have “gamed” the Constitution, established Congressional rules and procedures, and the American people with their outrageous tom foolery.

A word of caution is in order to lefties celebrating their alleged “major victory” in the health care tug of war: The battle has just begun, and you have given your opponents a major campaign issue that will keep on giving until your sorry tushes are driven out of Washington, D.C., en masse!

The only “major victory” to come from CommieCare will be the complete devastation of Obamamania just 24 months after inception!

CommieCare is not what the people want!