Obama Emboldens Terrorists

By John W. Lillpop

When former President George W. Bush spoke to terrorists his message was simple and clear: We will hunt you down and kill you!

Period, end of story.

W’s “clenched fist” kept America safe for nearly eight years following the 9.11 attack.

Regrettably, since Barack Obama was sworn is at the 44th U.S. President, the message to terrorists is:

* Unclench your fists and let us talk

* Terrorists will be treated with the same dignity and politically correct manners afforded any American citizen

* Terrorists will be read their Miranda rights, provided with taxpayer-paid legal representation, and will be allowed to broadcast their anti-American, Jihad messages from the great media center that is New York City

* Terrorists are guilty of crimes which will be adjudicated in civilian courts rather than military tribunals, even for thugs like KSM who master-minded the 9.11 attack

* America is NOT a Christian nation—so fret not about your background in Islamofascism

* All things considered, 9.11 was justifiable and understandable. Let’s talk.

Obama’s unilateral unclenching of America’s mighty fist does not seem to have resonated.

In just eleven months, a Muslim at Fort Hood has killed thirteen fellow soldiers. And an Al-Quaeda devotee tried to blow up an airplane headed to Detroit.

In addition, nothing has been done to address Iran and its drive toward nuclear weapons.

President Bush kept us safe for almost eight years; Obama has squandered home land security in order to pacify leftists who continue to operate under the illusion that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

Moonbats who voted for Obama need to answer a fundamental question: Is America safer today than it was before noon on January 20, 2009

Period, end of story.