Is Obama Up to Dealing with a “Production Line of Terrorists”?

By John W. Lillpop

Heading into 2010 after a dismal year in which our once great nation deteriorated precipitously under the leadership of a naïve community organizer and dedicated Marxist, Americans have cause to be afraid, very afraid, about the future.

If nothing else, the words of Farouk Abdulmutallab, the latest “Religion of Peace” devotee with mid-air mayhem on his mind, should send a chill up and down the backbone of every American who values life and liberty.

Abdulmutallab was quoted as saying, “I am one from a production line of terrorists that has been trained in Yemen by Al-Quaeda.”

His words are particularly disturbing in view of the fact that while Al-Quaeda continues to plot the annihilation of America, our naïve president spends his time making it easier for the terrorists to succeed.

From shutting down GITMO, to moving KSM and other murderous fiends to New York City for civilian trials, to abandoning Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, to apologizing for American leaders and policies while on Muslim soil, President Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing to protect America from an encore of 9.11 and may, if fact, be aiding and abetting the enemy in pulling off another attack.

The brutal truth is that by electing Barack Obama, America has installed the worst possible man to serve as Commander-in-Chief in these perilous times.

President Obama does not believe in American history or values. Which is why he urges CHANGE, change, and more change.

As the events of the past few days have shown, America does indeed need change: From the fairy tale, gooey eyed thinking of Obama and the pacifist left, back to the clenched fist, America first, shock and awe mentality of George W. Bush.

Now that is CHANGE America desperately needs!