The Eve before X-mas in the Senate

Satire by John W. Lillpop

‘Twas the morn of the eve before Xmas and all through the Senate,
Liberals schemed to communize health care, none was repentant;

On Lieberman, Landrieu and Nelson, exclaimed Harry Reid;
We must save Obama’s tush, there is more cash if we need;

Woe Unto to all, the president’s disapproval is 56 percent,
We need 60 to save his ass and our party, known as the Big Tent;

Cast aside differences about abortion and other silly fights;
Do it now brethren and sisters, we must defeat the right;

Fret not about what home folks do and and what they might say,
Most are uniformed ninnies who can be bought to see things your way

Should your sense of right and wrong distract you my friends,
Let’s not get foolish, lest our elitist privilege abruptly end

Vote Yes for ObamaCare and do it with glee;
After all it is X-mas, and being on the losing side is not pretty

Obama needs your help in the season of giving,
Vote Yes on ObamaCare to stay among the healthy and living!