Book of the Decade: Nancy Pelosi’s, Going Rouge

Satire by John W. Lillpop

While the media and leftist pundits were preoccupied with trashing Governor Sarah Palin and her fabulously successful Going Rogue, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi actually produced the book of the decade.

Speaker’s Pelosi’s autobiography, appropriately titled Going Rouge, went largely unnoticed, which is why this columnist is proud to offer this review as a demonstration of fair and balanced thinking.

While Governor Palin’s book is a rehashing of mundane political experiences from the 2008 presidential campaign, Pelosi’s work is more intellectually stimulating as it is describes the economic, social, and physical challenges that the most powerful woman in America faces in her never-ending fight to clean a House cluttered with corruption by folks named Rangel, Jefferson, and Kennedy, to name but a few.

All with (D) next to their names, we should add.

Pelosi provides a fascinating, but heartbreaking, account of her daily regime which requires her to get out of bed at 5AM in order to complete her “rouge routine” which takes hours to complete.

All of which Pelosi attributes to stress brought on by the Culture of Corruption she inherited from Republicans in 2007.

While Going Rouge is billed as a non-partisan, non-political work, Pelosi does stray a bit when it comes to promoting the trillion dollar health care reform bill that recently passed the House.

According to Pelosi, all women have an inalienable, constitutional right to look as young as possible.

“Looking young is an essential part of the American Dream for women,” Pelosi contends in Fight Wrinkles, Not Foreign Wars, a controversial chapter in which the Speaker takes on President Obama and his Afghanistan war.

Pelosi contends that hundreds of billions of dollars are being wasted to kill innocent Muslims overseas. She believes those monies should be diverted to providing “on-demand” rogue consultations for poor women, especially those who speak no English and are in America illegally.

Pelosi proudly admits that the health care reform bill passed by the House provides unlimited funds for botox and cosmetic surgery, although the provision is tucked away in an obscure part of the bill and in very small print.

Summary: A good read for those who enjoy the rants and raves of a mediocre mind devastated by botox poisoning.