Abandoning Conservative Values Is The Problem, Not the Solution

By John W. Lillpop

Michael Steele is clearly an honorable, intelligent man and a timely choice to head the RNC. Timely because he is the first African-American to serve as the head of the RNC at a time when the GOP is seeking to contain the extreme liberalism of the first African-American president in U.S. history.

Without question, Mr. Steele has a formidable task on his hands as he seeks to revive the Republican Party after solid thumpings suffered in both the 2006 and 2008 elections.

However, as Rush Limbaugh has so eloquently noted, the Republican Waterloo of November 4, 2008 was really more of a self-inflicted wound than a disemboweling at the hands of clever liberals.

To begin with, John McCain is not, and was not, a conservative, nor was the man whom he hoped to replace, former President George W. Bush.

As a consequence, the conservative base was never fully engaged in the battle, even with the infusion of energy and enthusiasm brought about by adding Governor Palin to the ticket.

Nonetheless, even with a subdued conservative base, the Republican ticket was the choice of 59,934,814 Americans, enough to win 22 states, and nearly 46 percent of the overall popular vote.

Limbaugh argues that the nation would be in Good Hands these days if the GOP had nominated a real conservative as standard bearer.

Steele, on the other hand, apparently sees the GOP as in need of a major overhaul. Which is why he has spoken of reaching out to Hip Hopsters in order to grow the party.

Bringing more people of color into the Republican Party, including Hip Hopsters, is a terrific idea, provided such people embrace the fundamental principles of conservatism.

Any individual who has a deep abiding respect for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, is committed to strong national defense and homeland security, takes pride in American culture and heritage, favors smaller government, respects the sanctity of human life, recognizes the importance of religious faith, wants lower taxes, honors traditional family values, believes in personal responsibility, the rule of law, and law and order, has core values that make such individual a perfect fit within the conservative movement.

Michael Steele should focus on finding and promoting articulate and appealing conservative candidates.

Abandoning conservative values is the problem, not the solution.