Greatest Blunders by a Sitting U.S. President

By John W. Lillpop

In America's nearly 233-year history, the men whom have occupied the Oval Office have not been free from the bane of foolish and reckless acts.

Among the ten worst:

* Declaring war on America's war on terror by tendering "kinder, gentler" policies toward terrorists and suspected terrorists, including closure of GITMO;

* Signing a tragically flawed, trillion dollar "stimulus" bill that will encumber future generations with debt just to fund programs that America neither needs nor wants;

* Proposing to raise taxes during the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression;

* Wasting $350 billion to reward irresponsible, unqualified homeowners in trouble with their mortgages, and another $640 billion to saddle America with socialized medicine;

* Going after $40 billion of "waste and fraud" by defense contractors, while ignoring hundreds of billions wasted on illegal aliens;

* Rewriting the tax code to discourage charitable giving and recovery of the vital real estate market;

* Installing a tax cheat as Treasury Secretary and IRS boss;

* Ignoring campaign promises re earmarks;

* Wasting valuable time to do battle with a radio talk show whom has the audacity to disagree with the president; and

* Snubbing Great Britain, America's most loyal and dependable ally.

The amazing thing is that Barack Obama has managed all of this chicanery in just over six weeks.

Which leads to an urgent inquiry: Is there any hope of this republic surviving the presidency of one Barack Hussein Obama?