Post-W. Iraq: Mission Accomplished, August 31, 2010?

Sarcasm By John W. Lillpop

President Obama fulfilled yet another campaign promise by announcing a post-W. Mission Accomplished date for the conflict in Iraq.

According to Obama, America will vacate Iraq as of August 31, 2010.

Except, that is, for the 50,000 or so who will remain behind for training and other counter terrorism activities.

Many Democrats railed at the fact that 50,000 Americans will remain in Iraq just two months before the 2010 mid-term elections.

"When they talk about 50,000, that's a little higher number than I had anticipated," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, echoing many others.

Just a "little higher," Harry?

Good grief, man, you took great pains to tell President Bush and the world that the "war is lost" back in April of 2007.

Yet nearly two years later, the most liberal Democrat ever elected to the presidency says it will be another eighteen months before the war ends, and that, even then, 50,000 young Americans will remain in harm's way.

With all due respect, Senator Reid, why should America waste another life or penny to fund a war that, according to you, was lost two years ago?

The good news is that Harry Reid will be up to his twit eyebrows in a reelection campaign come August 31, 2010.

Go ahead, Nevada, make our day: Force Harry Reid to get a real job in 2010!