Want to Be a Billionaire? Move to Mexico & Sell Drugs!

By John W. Lillpop

Americans are taught that success can be achieved by getting a good education, keeping one's nose clean (from Cocaine, among other things) and working hard.

Turns out that the American Way is "old school," at least when compared to how entrepreneurs get rich in that third-world failed state directly to the south of our border.

Example: Mexican Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman recently cracked the Forbes Magazine list of billionaires. However, Guzman's inclusion as Forbes' billionaire number 701 is not stoking a great deal of national pride among Mexican government officials.

That is because Guzman is Mexico's most-wanted fugitive and reputed to be leader of a violent drug cartel.

As reported at Yahoo News, in part,

"MEXICO CITY – Mexico is decrying Forbes Magazine's decision to include the reputed leader of one of the country's most violent drug cartels on its list of billionaires.
Forbes ranks Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, with an estimated $1 billion fortune, at No. 701 — between a Swiss oil-trading tycoon and an American chemical heir.

Guzman, Mexico's most-wanted fugitive, is believed to head the Sinaloa cartel.

President Felipe Calderon said Thursday that 'magazines are not only attacking and lying about the situation in Mexico but are also praising criminals.'

Mexico's Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said Forbes is defending crime by 'comparing the deplorable activity of a criminal wanted in Mexico and abroad with that of honest businessmen.'"

Honest businessmen In Mexico? Surely you jest, Mr. Attorney General.

What next? Incorruptible Mexican law enforcement and government officials?

Now that is loco!