Will Historians Remember that George W. Bush Never Ridiculed the Disabled?

By John W. Lillpop

Like many Americans, from both the right and the left, I am not a big fan of former President George W. Bush. His failure to control spending was nothing short of scandalous, and his wanton disregard for the rule of law and American sovereignty when it came to illegal aliens is unforgivable, especially from a president purporting to be conservative.

In addition to his liberal tendencies, Bush had other flaws as well, including his notorious inability to string two cogent sentences together at the same time. Even when President Bush was right on a particular issue, his mangled delivery often sabotaged the message.

When George W. Bush spoke, the messenger rightfully deserved the blame for the chaos and confusion that inevitably followed.

However, when President Obama took over 60 plus days ago,
the American people were led to believe that fathomable English was making a comeback in the White House.

According to the liberal media, Obama's arrival meant that one could once again watch the president speak without dreading a slew of mispronunciations, fabricated words, long periods of stuttering and stammering, and other cringe-worthy moments that dominated most of Bush's public appearances.

What the media overlooked, however, is Obama's complete inability to speak intelligently without a TelePrompTer and prepared script. Unless this president is told exactly what to say, and when, the message itself becomes the villain.

Which is exactly what happened when Obama appeared on The Tonight Show and used that venue to ridicule the disabled.

The big question: When historians rank U.S. presidents thirty years from now, will they remember that, during his eight years as president, not once did George W. Bush make fun of the disabled on national television?