Addiction to Reckless Spending Leads to Deficit Relapse in California

By John W. Lillpop

Just three weeks after Democrats and their partner in crime, RINO Governor Schwarzenegger, "recovered" from a massive hole in the state budget with a massive tax increase, state coffers are once again out of balance, this time to the tune of 8 billion dollars.

And counting!

As reported in part at sfgate.com:

"California's 3-week-old state budget is already out of balance, according to a report Friday by the nonpartisan legislative analyst, who said the state's revenue will fall $8 billion short of projections in the fiscal year that begins July 1.

And the shortfall could be billions worse if voters reject at least three of the six ballot measures in the May 19 special election that are tied directly to the state budget's bottom line, Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor said."

Savvy Californians know that the situation WILL get worse. Guaranteed, no question about it.

That is because Sacramento politics are dominated by reckless liberals who simply refuse to cut spending, especially when the alternative is to raise taxes even higher.

Addiction to deficit spending is rampant among Democrats, the complicit governor, and a couple of derelicts posing as Republicans.

Among the politically elite in California, there is nothing but contempt and disrespect for taxpayers, a position made tenable by the fact that there so damn many freeloaders and leeches who feed at the public trough, but whom pay little or nothing in taxes.

Example: In California, illegal aliens cost the state $10 billion a year for public services to which they are not entitled. Unfortunately, illegals are a constituency of the Democrat Party.

To the typical liberal-infested mind, raising taxes on the rich is far more practical than kicking illegal aliens out. After all, there are far more illegals (future Democrats) than there are rich people.

The ONLY solution is to reduce the number of liberals in power by at least fifty percent, higher if possible.

That and the automatic jolt of common sense that would result can save California, if the people act prudently.

However, will they?