BREAKING NEWS: White House Water May Not Be Potable!

By John W. Lillpop

Is it possible that the White House water supply has been attacked and contaminated with IQ-lowering steroids and chemicals?

That concept is plausible if one considers the erratic behavior of the new president, Barack Obama.

America's first African-American CEO has been generally regarded as a rolled- into- one intellectual giant and Messianic figure, at least to millions of worshippers and supporters, which includes most of the main stream media.

However, since the afternoon of January 20, 2009, when President Obama moved into the White House, a number of extraordinary decisions and actions have been forthcoming.

To begin with, with the war on terror still being fought, the new president decided to announce his decision to close Gitmo and to stop torturing terrorists, and suspected terrorists.

By disassembling other Bush anti-terror initiatives, Obama has deliberately set about to make the world a kinder, gentler place for the very people that would gladly slit your throat from ear-to-ear, in the name of Allah.

Obama has also shown an incredible lack of professionalism and discernment in efforts to staff his cabinet.

Indeed, the president has all but converted the White House into a halfway house/career center for tax cheats, "pay to play" con artists, and other unemployable Democrats.

Quality, excellence, and pride have all gone missing from this president's human resources vocabulary.

The question: How can such an allegedly bright young man be so incompetent when it comes to recruiting qualified men and women of integrity to serve the president of the United States?

Although Obama has been eager to show his willingness to deal diplomatically and in good faith with terrorist states like Iran and other enemies of the United States, he has been outrageously abrupt and rude with allies and friends.

Obama's first victim was Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of America's most loyal and powerful ally whom the president snubbed and humiliated in the international press. Obama's wussy/idiotic excuse about being too "tired" to be presidential was nearly as bad as the infraction of civilized protocol itself.

In addition, the nation of Israel is quite unsettled about how American support will proceed under Obama given the confusing signals sent by the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Other embarrassing "Obama Moments" include the revelation that the Obama administration may support a tax on health care benefits, and may even endorse plans to force American veterans to pay for their own health insurance.

In terms of transparency, the Obama administration has trashed the very concept by refusing to reveal the recipients of $2 trillion dollars of taxpayer money disbursed as part of the bail out mania.

Two hundred and thirty three years ago, that sort of arrogance
led directly to a tea party in Boston followed by a revolution. To
date, Obama policies have inspired tea parties hither and
yonder, but not much serious talk of a repeat of the American

However, it is still early.

The most outrageous Obama behavior involves his naive spin concerning the economy. From his first moments as president-elect, Obama has repeatedly called the economic meltdown a catastrophic disaster caused by Republicans, and insisted that it would take years and trillions of dollars in liberal spending to fix.

Now, however, with pressure mounting on the new president to bring about positive CHANGE, Obama has decided that the fundamentals of the economy are actually quite sound, and not nearly as bad as imagined.

Sounds amazingly like something Obama's predecessor would have said, right?

The bottom line question about Barack Obama: What would cause a clean and articulate elitist to trip and stumble about so awkwardly?

Might it be the water?